Major Projects


            SunWash is a combination body wash/ sunscreen that will provide full protection from UV rays along with a clean feeling after a shower. SunWash's fresh scent will also leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start your day without the hassle of applying a slimy or greasy lotion. SunWash will succeed because it is unique and it will allow people to save time in their day by not having to apply sunscreen and body wash at different times. It will also help many people save money on medical bills; people who develop skin cancer will no longer need to worry about doing so if they use SunWash on a daily basis.

"SunWash" went into a competition at West Virginia University and competed against 90 other groups to be into 2 categories with 10 groups in each. Making as the semifinalist and going to Charleston to give our elevator pitch. We worked for weeks to come up with a final project to show a panel of 20 judges. Even though we were ranked 2nd in the semi-competition, we did not make it into the top finalists.

Case Study: Staples

            This is a case study that informs you about Staples and the events that occurred. From who created it to all the challenges that it they face and still face today. 42 of 50, was the grade that was received for this project. Done February 19, 2009.